Places I've lived in

Pune | 2 Ubisoft Internships

HCMC | Gameloft Internship

Recife | Boyhood

Valenciennes | GD & Management M2 (Supinfogame - Rubika)

Newcastle | Junior GD at Ubisoft Reflections


My key skills are prototyping, my knowledge of design methods, and most importantly, communication.

Over time and through various projects, I developed a passion for Game Design. I specialize in 3C and AI but I'm also very interested by progression, system, abilities, tutorials, and readability.

When designing a feature, I always think of my responsibilities as a problem to solve, through both rational documentation and prototyping. I love to offer not just one but many solutions, whether on paper or in engine. Indeed, there is never a 100% fit, you always end up with a list of pros and cons. Even though I push for one of the options, keeping others by my side allows me to bounce back quickly!

During my studies, I tried out as many positions as possibles: Level Design, UI, UX, Sound Design, Management, Marketing, Programming, Art (checkout my artworks here). In a team, a Game Designer is a bridge: knowing what other roles are technically doing is a huge plus to talk to them and take their intentions and production constraints into consideration.

In my day-to-day life, I'm extremely positive, extrovert, and open-minded. Those traits developed a high sense for human relations and a motivational-oriented leadership.


I am very adaptable, being born of a French father and a Flemish mother. When I was 11, I moved to Brazil and studied in an American School so I embraced two more cultures and languages.

After my High School graduation in 2015, I lived for 3 months in Vietnam.

It was a short period in my life but it really helped me to define my goals: be part of the game industry.


During my stay in Vietnam, I was Game Design intern at Gameloft, which gave me a better knowledge of the video game industry.

I also worked in the human resources department of the French mapping  agency, the IGN.

Occasionally, I help organizing events and representing companies for the Indie Cade Europe, the Paris Game Week, the Essen festival, and shows by Square Enix.

My two latest experiences were a Game Design internships at Ubisoft, a more challenging position I enjoyed doing that confirmed the idea I want to go toward AAA industries.

Career Goal

I enjoy working on a lot of aspects of Game Design, such as the 3C, the AI, but also system, progression, and mechanics. My past student, personal, and professional projects showed me that I felt the most fulfilled when I had more dependencies with not only other designers but also artists, programmers, sound designers, producers etc... In short: I love communicating!

Once I gather enough knowledge and experience, I would love to become a Lead Designer, making me able to handle important responsibilities, carry a vision, advice game designers, teach rational methodologies, and communicate with all roles within a production team!



Unity | Unreal Engine 4 | Game Maker Studio | Anvil


3DS Max | Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | InDesign


FL Studio | Reaper | Audacity | Wwise


Scrum Knowledge | Jira | Trello


Confluence | PPT Expert | Word | Excel

Soft Skills

Game Design

AI | 3C | GDDs | Brainstorming | | UI/UX | Playtesting | Pitching

Level Design 

3D Blockout | Architecture | Level Building | Balancing | Playtesting


Motivating People | Managing creative meetings | Planning


Sports and Racing series

SSX | Need For Speed | Burnout | The Crew | Colin McRae | Tony Hawk

Immersive Sims

Deus Ex | Bioshock | Dishonored


Braid | Fez | Mark of the Ninja | Everything | NaisanceE


Halo series (competitive) | Battlefield 3 | UT 2004 | Far Cry series


Age of Mythology | Empire Earth | The Battle for Middle-Earth


Apart from videogames, I spend time playing classical guitar and listening to music. I'm a huge Hip Hop head and regularly share friends' work on my youtube channel.

Physically active, I love climbing and going to the gym I see those individual sports as both personal development and a way to calm myself down because I have a lot of energy.

I channel my energy through yoga, helping me find a balance. And I also enjoy team sports such as voleyball and futsal where I can value others and make them matter!

And I love tea.

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