Places I've lived in

Pune | 2 Ubisoft internships

HCMC | Gameloft internship

Recife | Boyhood

Valenciennes | GD & Management M2 (Supinfogame - Rubika)

Newcastle | Junior GD at Ubisoft Reflections



Born from a French father and a Flemish mother in the Paris suburbs, I grew up in a diverse environment. Like many children, I was passionate by games, but frustrated when I felt that they could be improved!

5 games that made my childhood:

Moving out for the 1st time

Living in Brazil and going to an American school all of a sudden made me very adaptable, while embracing two new cultures and languages.

My will to join the game industry grew more and more as time went by...

5 games that made my boyhood:

Back in France

Came back to get the French scientific baccalaureate diploma (computer science minor) with honors.

Even though all courses were interesting, I didn't feel a true connection. I was rather motivated by level editors, Unity tutorials, or simply by writing game concepts.

Summer 2015
Gameloft internship

Just one day after my school exams, I flew to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for a Game Design internship in one of Gameloft's studios.

It was my first step into the industry. I understood the true position of a GD within a development team.

I first helped making documents for Dragon Mania Legends updates, before switching to a team making minigames: small advergames inside Gameloft games, lasting 40

I enjoyed sharing concepts, presentation documents, as well as giving feedback and discussing with artists, programmers, and producers.

Game Design Bachelor
Fall 2015

At the end of my internship, I started a Bachelor in Game Design at Supinfogame - RUBIKA, Valenciennes, in the North of France.

I made my first team projects (board games and small game prototypes), learned about about Game Design and Level Design theory, while also having diverse courses on marketing, programming, management, data analysis, 3D modeling, drawing, art history, filmmaking, perspective, colors etc...

This allowed me get a better global picture of what other roles inside are doing, as well as extending my global knowledge.

Spring 2017
Selected for the FIJ

During my bachelor's 1st year, I dedicated a lot of time on Ha'Garta, a tower defense board game set in a fantasy universe, for 4 players, from conception to printing.

Because we believed in the projet and had some great feedback from playtesters, we decided to participate to the Protolab, a contest for board game authors to showcase their project at the Festival International des Jeux de Cannes, Europe's second biggest board game festival.

During the event, I learned a lot about communication, pitching, and explaining rules while keeping players engaged!

More game events

Because I enjoyed presenting and wanted to extend my network, I decided to grab every opportunity in the field to showcase games for other developers.

I also loved meeting passionate players and directly connecting them with their experience face-to-face, whether it was a mobile game, an indie games, a board games, or a AA games:

Joan of Arc.png
Spring 2018
Going for the GDC!

My key skills are prototyping, my knowledge of design methods, and most importantly, communication.

Over time and through various projects, I developed a passion for Game Design. I specialize in 3C and AI but I'm also very interested by progression, system, abilities, tutorials, and readability.

When designing a feature, I always think of my responsibilities as a problem to solve, through both rational documentation and prototyping. I love to offer not just one but many solutions, whether on paper or in engine. Indeed, there is never a 100% fit, you always end up with a list of pros and cons. Even though I push for one of the options, keeping others by my side allows me to bounce back quickly!

During my studies, I tried out as many positions as possibles: Level Design, UI, UX, Sound Design, Management, Marketing, Programming, Art (checkout my artworks here). In a team, a Game Designer is a bridge: knowing what other roles are technically doing is a huge plus to talk to them and take their intentions and production constraints into consideration.

In my day-to-day life, I'm extremely positive, extrovert, and open-minded. Those traits developed a high sense for human relations and a motivational-oriented leadership.


I am very adaptable, being born of a French father and a Flemish mother. When I was 11, I moved to Brazil and studied in an American School so I embraced two more cultures and languages.

After my High School graduation in 2015, I lived for 3 months in Vietnam.

It was a short period in my life but it really helped me to define my goals: be part of the game industry.


During my stay in Vietnam, I was Game Design intern at Gameloft, which gave me a better knowledge of the video game industry.

I also worked in the human resources department of the French mapping  agency, the IGN.

Occasionally, I help organizing events and representing companies for the Indie Cade Europe, the Paris Game Week, the Essen festival, and shows by Square Enix.

My two latest experiences were a Game Design internships at Ubisoft, a more challenging position I enjoyed doing that confirmed the idea I want to go toward AAA industries.

Career Goal

I enjoy working on a lot of aspects of Game Design, such as the 3C, the AI, but also system, progression, and mechanics. My past student, personal, and professional projects showed me that I felt the most fulfilled when I had more dependencies with not only other designers but also artists, programmers, sound designers, producers etc... In short: I love communicating!

Once I gather enough knowledge and experience, I would love to become a Lead Designer, making me able to handle important responsibilities, carry a vision, advice game designers, teach rational methodologies, and communicate with all roles within a production team!



Unity | Unreal Engine 4 | Game Maker Studio | Anvil


3DS Max | Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | InDesign


FL Studio | Reaper | Audacity | Wwise


Scrum Knowledge | Jira | Trello


Confluence | PPT Expert | Word | Excel

Soft Skills

Game Design

AI | 3C | GDDs | Brainstorming | | UI/UX | Playtesting | Pitching

Level Design 

3D Blockout | Architecture | Level Building | Balancing | Playtesting


Motivating People | Managing creative meetings | Planning


Sports and Racing series

SSX | Need For Speed | Burnout | The Crew | Colin McRae | Tony Hawk

Immersive Sims

Deus Ex | Bioshock | Dishonored


Braid | Fez | Mark of the Ninja | Everything | NaisanceE


Halo series (competitive) | Battlefield 3 | UT 2004 | Far Cry series


Age of Mythology | Empire Earth | The Battle for Middle-Earth


Apart from videogames, I spend time playing classical guitar and listening to music. I'm a huge Hip Hop head and regularly share friends' work on my youtube channel.

Physically active, I love climbing and going to the gym I see those individual sports as both personal development and a way to calm myself down because I have a lot of energy.

I channel my energy through yoga, helping me find a balance. And I also enjoy team sports such as voleyball and futsal where I can value others and make them matter!

And I love tea.

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