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Places I've lived in

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Pune | 2 Ubisoft internships

HCMC | Gameloft internship

Recife | Boyhood

Valenciennes | GD & Management M2 (Supinfogame - Rubika)

Newcastle | GD at Ubisoft Reflections

Newcastle | AI Designer at People Can Fly



My key skills are prototyping, my knowledge of design methods, and most importantly, communication.

Over time and through various projects, I developed a passion for Game Design. I specialize in systems, 3C and AI but I'm also very interested by progression, customization, balancing and readability.

When designing a feature, I always think of my responsibilities as problems to solve, through both rational documentation and prototyping. The key is to offer several solutions. Indeed, there is never a 100% fit, you always end up with a list of pros and cons. Even though I push for one of the options in particular, keeping others on the side allows me to bounce back quickly!

During my studies and jobs, I tried out as many positions as possibles: Level Design, UI, UX, Sound Design, Management, Marketing, Programming, Art (checkout my artworks here). In a team, a Game Designer is a bridge: knowing the other roles technical and creative constraints is a huge plus to discuss and understand their intentions.

On a day-to-day basis, I stay positive, and open-minded. Those traits developed a high sense for human relations and a motivational-oriented leadership.

Career goals

I enjoy working on a lot of aspects of Game Design, AI and systems being my favorite, while also being interested by progression and systems. My past student, personal, and professional projects showed me that I felt the most fulfilled when I had more dependencies with not only other designers but also artists, programmers, sound designers, producers etc... In short: I love communicating!

Once I gather enough knowledge and experience, I would love to become a Lead Game Designer, making me able to handle important responsibilities, carry a vision, advice game designers, teach methodologies, and communicate with all direction and other disciplines!


I am very adaptable, being born of a French father and a Flemish mother. When I was 11, I moved to Brazil and studied in an American School so I embraced two more cultures and languages.

After my High School graduation in 2015, my experience at Gameloft in Saigon, Ubisoft in Pune, India, and later in Newcastle, UK, helped me develop that multicultural background from a professional point of view.


As a student between 2015 and 2020, I grabbed any opportunities to showcase games for other developers. Loving to meet passionate players and directly connect them with their experience, whether it for mobile games, alternate controllers, indie games, board games, an AA games:

Joan of Arc.png

Apart from videogames, I spend time playing classical guitar and listening to music. I'm a huge Hip Hop head and regularly share friends' work on my youtube channel.

Physically active, I go to the gym, am an active salsa dancer, and occasionally do yoga to channel my energy. I also enjoy team sports such as football, basketball, and voleyball, and dancing salsa and kizomba.


Apart from that, I've got an odd obsession for flags and bake bread on a daily basis!

Childhood games

I keep playing a wide variety of games every year, worth talking if we ever discuss. Though here are games that built my childhood, if I had to make a top 10 that forming both my tastes as a player with a few influences on my design.


Age of Mythology - Ensemble Studios, 2002

  1. Using an existing universe to design gameplay

  2. In-game progression

  3. Synergies and rock/paper/scissors between units


Unreal Tournament 2004 - Epic Games / Digital Extremes, 2004

  1. Fast-paced aerial controller

  2. Weapon and vehicles design

  3. Scoring system


SSX 3 - EA Canada, 2003

  1. 3Cs and LD amazing to play with in themselves

  2. Tricks/boost loop

  3. Arcade feel and feedback


Burnout 2: Point of Impact - Criterion, 2002

  1. Extremly simplified and pure arcade gamefeel

  2. Flow coming from the no crash/boost loop

  3. Foundations of unique crash mechanics for the license


Dofus - Ankama, 2004

  1. MMO experience and social features

  2. Class and abilities design for a tactical RPG game

  3. Charming universe


Halo 3 - Bungie, 2007

  1. Meticulous weapon balancing

  2. Navigation and shooting angles in multiplayer levels

  3. Both a strong campaign and e-sports scene


Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Rockstar Sand Diego, 2008

  1. World design and traffic supporting the racer's fantasy

  2. Atmosphere

  3. Customization system


Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Eidos-Montreal, 2011

  1. Modernizing an existing IP

  2. Offering multiple approaches (stealth, hack, action...)

  3. Delivering an engaging story


Braid - Jonathan Blow, 2008

  1. Pushing each new mechanic to the maximum of its potential

  2. Unique sound and art design still to the service of gameplay

  3. Introduction to the boom of Indie Games in the late 2000s


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Ubisoft, 2010

  1. Successfully improving the formula IP story and gameplay-wise

  2. Linking progression to the gradual sense of ownership of the city

  3. Brilliant stealth multiplayer twist


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