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Ha'Garta | 2015 - 2017 (3 years)


Game Designer (including AI)

Themes: cooperation | competition | tower defense

Pitch: in a fantasy world, four folks temporarly united to survive waves of human invasions. Defend the city and betray your allies to take control of Ha'Garta!

How to win: gain 10 victory points or capture half of the board. You can accomplish quests, discover and capture buildings, or simply crush your opponents with the help of specific powers.

Unfortunately, the level of human tension rises as the game progresses!

Our intention is to make the players feel as if they're generals controlling their army and conquering the city, it is why we really insisted on the ergonomics: the board is made out of material, the tokens are heavy and pleasant to stack etc...

It's the first long-term project I made with other students of my school. Apart from learning a lot about game design and ergonomics, it was also a first introduction of how team projects work. 

Other Team Members:

Eric Leduc | Game Designer

Juliette Pompanon | Artist

Thomas Dupriez | Artist

Loup Druet | Community Manager

Rulebook [French]

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