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Ubisoft India Studios Internships

Game Designer

AI design | controls design | documentation | prototyping

In the summers of 2018 and 2019, between my years of study, I did two internships in Pune, India, at Ubisoft, to work on a AAA title to be announced.

AnvilNext Engine | Confluence | JIRA

Prior to this experience, I only had done one internship as a Game Designer at Gameloft, in a studio located in Vietnam.

Unfortunately, because the project is still confidential and Ubisoft wants to keep its internal development process, I can't show you documents and footage of my work. Nevertheless, you can find a list of my key roles and an internship report down below.


Part of the designers team

Internship 1 (2 months)

From August to September 2018

Key responsibilities:

  1. Make Game Design Documents 

  2. Make template documents for Level Designers

  3. Design achievements, rewards and challenges on for Uplay

  4. Communication and documentation of all dialogues for Sound Designers and Level Designers

  5. Attend Game Design and Level Design training


The Ubisoft office in Pune (over 1000 people)

Internship 2 (4 months)

From July to October 2019

Key responsibilities:

  1. Design an important ally AI (rational approach)

    • Behaviors​

    • Metrics

    • Choice of animations, facial expressions, and dialogues

    • Idle system

  2. Design controls

  3. Prototype controls in engine

Software and tools:

  • Development on AnvilNext (Assassin's Creed...)

    • Prototyping of control schemes​

    • Tweaking of the AI with programmers

  • Documentation made on confluence

  • Flowcharts made using VISIO

  • Diagrams made using powerpoint

  • Internal animation blending software

  • Internal dialogue integration software

Software and tools:

  • Documentation made on confluence

  • Documentation made using excel

  • SCRUM Method management with the help of JIRA

Because my internship was short, that I was new on the project, and that we were in the pre-production phase, I was given roles out of the engine, mainly assisting other members of my team.

I nevertheless learned a lot about how the team is organized and contributed with as much documents as I could, that one year later greatly helped the level designer's production.

Because my internship was longer than the first one, that I knew the project and that we were in the production phase, I was given more important roles, communicating with a wide variety of members (programmers, game designers, level designers, producers, sound designers, technical artists, animators etc...)

I enjoyed being considered not only as an intern but as a team member. This second experience at Ubisoft also helped me increasing my design and prototyping methodology by using Rational Game Design for documentation and working with programmers for features to be developed in engine.



NDA-free report of my second internship at Ubisoft

Here is the fully detailed internship report of my summer 2019 internship at Ubisoft India Studios, which I had to make as part of my studies at Supinfogame - Rubika.

Feel free to read it, as all confidential information was removed!


In case you want feedback about my work, feel free to contact


I also remain at your disposal if you have more precise questions:​.


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