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Bubble Gum | 2018-2019 (9 months)

Unity (for Nintendo Switch)

Focus: QA

Unity | Trello

Themes: tricks | BMX | student

Pitch: In Bubble Gum! you play as Zoey, a bold high schooler who skips class to take on her friends’ challenges. Ride your BMX, land awesome tricks and make every square inch of the city of Ohoko your own personal playground.

Ride around and complete short challenges to earn points and time. Try to score as much as you can before time is up!
Be careful however, once you are out of time, your teacher will come and chase you to put you back in class. You better keep your challenges streak going!


My job on the project: QA

Bubble Gum - QA.PNG

In order to be as effective as possible in a small team structure, I mainly worked with the programmer on a Kanban Board, reporting bugs with screenshots and specific conditions explaining how to repeat them.

Working as a tester on Bubble Gum helped me understanding what is quality assurance inside of a game's production, and what is the mindset to have for debugging. Since Bubble Gum is a graduation project from my upper batch at Supinfogame - Rubika, it also helped me get ready for Battle Cars, my year project as a master 2 game design & management student.

Bubble Gum Screen 02.png
Bubble Gum Screen 01.jpg

Other team members:
Loïc AnquezCreative Direction, Game Design
Matthieu PicardArt Direction, Concept Art
Bastien Lepesant | Programming
Marie Koller | 3D Art
Augustin Potelle | Level Design
Théo NottezProject Management

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