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Ascensão | 2018 (5 days)

Drone Puzzle Game

Focus: Level Design | Programming

Unreal Engine 4

First solo project on UE4!

Themes: hack | vision | scale

Pitch: In a strange geometric world, you embody a drone instantly destroyed if he crosses any eye. But if you play wisely enough, you could hack your enemies' visions and pass through the different puzzles.

4 minutes gameplay demo (no audio)

Working on Ascensãowas a rewarding experience. Indeed, I had to quickly learn how to code with the Unreal Blueprints, that have a different logic than Game Maker and Unity. Once the Game Concept and the behaviors of the two different types of enemies were set, I entered a prototyping phase. My main focus was the feeling of smoothness when piloting the drone, and the mechanic of hacking the robots.

Seeing all my design ideas already coded gave me further courage to create a smart level design. It is why I spent a lot of time on the tutorial, to make the player feel smart and in control. At first, Ascensão may seem like a stressful stealth game because the enemy can instantly kill you, but once you take the controls and fly over them, you understand it's more about puzzle thinking and finding the good solution.

The prototype is currently on stand-by but I'm sure I can always get some good of it. This little project was a way to do some research for the Eye Hack Project, the stealth game I'm currently working on, since the main mechanic of looking through the enemies' eyes is pretty similar.

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