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Exoria | 2018 (1 month)

Alternate controller: wand

Game Design | Community Management

Intentions: Accessibility | Feel like a wizard | Bluff

Pitch: Welcome to Exoria, a Wizard Dueling game! Your goal is to lower your opponent's life and defend yourself by casting magic spells. Once your opponent is weak enough, finish him by casting the Exoria Spell before it can be countered!


Wands are 3D printed and can be customized.

Once the button is pressed, the wand starts detecting the player's moves!

Each player's life is represented by candles aside the carpet.

If a player takes damage, one of the candles turns off.


Other Team Members:

Thomas Defosse | Creator and Programmer

Margot Decelle | Creator

Including the Mark Wars team:

Louis Bernot | Programmer

Alessandro Cheinisse | Game Designer

Matthieu Alves | Game Designer

Pierre Llanusa | Game Designer

Florian Eschalier | Artist

Gaëtan Cloarec | Video editor

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