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Mark Wars | 2017 - 2018 (6 months)

Alternate Controller

Game Designer (AI) | Lead

PICAXE Microcontrollers

Themes: accessible | 1 button

Pitch: You either play the Rebels or the Empire. With a simple marker pen, throw a spanner in the works of your opponent and reach the Black Star for victory!


Interview by Gamasutra

"When we realized those elements were not necessary to create fun, we took them out.

What really makes the fun with alternative controllers are the players themselves and not the rules."

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There are only two rules to play Mark Wars:

  1. You can only trace one line at a time, anywhere on the pre-established lines of the board

  2. Players draw a line one after the other

When creating the game, our intention was to make it playable for all. It is why you only have one action and you use a controller known by everybody: a marker pen.

A spaceship follows the black lines on the board, but when there is a branch with two black lines, the spaceship selects one randomly. So tracing lines in your opponent's base spices up the experience!

The same team later worked on Exoria, a wand controller.

Other Team Members :

Matthieu Alves | Game Designer

Louis Bernot | Programmer

‎Alessandro Cheinisse | ‎Game Designer

Gaëtan Cloarec | Community Manager

Florian Eschalier | Artist

Pierre Llanusa | Game Designer


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