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God Cooking Planet | 2018 - 2019 (5 months)

Sandbox Game

Scrum Master (6 people) | Technical Game Design | UI/UX

Unity | Illustrator | PPT

Intentions: Sense of ownership, creating surprises, feeling like a god


Pitch: Bake unique planets by experimenting your own recipes in hope to welcome life and create your galaxy!

March 2019 build


God Cooking Planet is a sandbox game, meaning there is no imposed goal and the progression is not linear. Your only goal is to create your own galaxy by cooking planets.

Objectives are suggested to the player, if he succeeds, he will be rewarded with more tools and ingredients for his creations.

The game flow and design is now under review for further major changes according to a more contemplative and less challenging direction, but the current loop is the following

Phase 1: Ingredient creation

Starting with only four ingredients (air, fire, water, dirt), the player will combine those in various utensiles (mortar, tajine...) and play minigames (we're thinking about cutting this feature) according to each of those minigames to obtain new ingredients.

Phase 2: Dough creation

Once the player is statisfied with his ingredients, the player has to choose which of those will go inside the blender to create the paste. After blending them, the player obtains a paste.

Phase 3: Planet positioning

The planet paste is now ready, but it needs to be baked using the sun! Ingredients inside the paste will react differently if the paste is closer or further from the sun. 

Phase 4: Contemplation

The player may now observe and move around his procedurally generated planet! The proportion and types of lands on the planet were created based on the paste composition and the sun positioning. Those lands together, combined with liquids and an atmosphere, influence parameters that will decide what objects (weather, flora, and and we're aiming for fauna) will spawn on the planet.

Objectives are validated during this phase, both the planet and the new ingredients are kept in the player's recipe book, a feature we're currently working on.


Most documents were made in PPT format, making it very easy for programmers to understand all the systems, the game designers to understand each other, and presentations to be made.

It also allowed us to make quick modifications and work on the UI which is a very important aspect of the game at the same time as our core system.

Here are some of the PDFs of the original concept:

Phase 1

Phase 2 and 3

Phase 4


Ingredient database

In addition to docs in PPT format to explain the systems, spreadsheet with automated data were created to keep track of all the data (ingredients, recipes, objectives...) before their integration in the engine via homemade tools.

Other team members:

Marc Rivoira | Programmer

Eric Leduc | Programmer

Clément Méreau | Game Designer and Original Concept

Jim Cador | Game Designer

Edouard Arnedo | Artist


BPF Records

Special thanks to:

Ludivine Nicolier

Theodore Labyt

Tanguy Talbert

Marianne Cetkovic

Splash Art by Valentin Lamérand

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