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Need For Swipe | 2018 (3 weeks)

Scoring Mobile Game

Level Design | Sound Design | Particles

Themes: neon retro wave | rythm | cars

Pitch: Take control of a hypercar and reach the highest score by passing through gates and making tricks in a neon city!

Unreal Engine 4 | Audacity

Alpha gameplay video (low resolution)

Need For Swipe is divided into several level-cities. 


Each level alternates between two phases:

  1. Gate phase: pass through the rings and increase your speed by swiping the same direction as indicated on each ring. The faster your car is, the higher you will get during the trick phase.

  2. Trick phase: as you gain more altitude off jumps, you gain more time to perform tricks. Make as much flips as possible without falling off roof. The more tricks you perform, the faster you will go when passing by the radar.

Content unlocked when progressing:

  • New customizable cars

  • New levels

  • New tricks

Our wish was to take advantage of the mobile features to reach a wider audience, especially the Retro Wave fans.

We also wanted to make a game with vehicles since we're car fans and we never had the occasion to develop one before.

The project was developed with two talented friends that later worked with me on Battle Cars!

Other Team Members:

Florian Eschalier | Artist

Dylan Fitzpatrick | Programmer & Music Composer

Pitch PDF

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