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Ostora | 2017 (4 months)

Zelda Like

Lead | UI/UX Design

Assisting Level Design | Sound Design | Programming

Themes: east | cyberpunk | adventure

Pitch: In a Middle East inspired world with advanced technology, Arsès has woken up, imprisoned in a robotic body.

He will soon discover the meanders of the new civilization and find out the reason for his existence...

Reaper | Game Maker Studio

Gameplay Video

Providing 40 minutes of gameplay, Ostora is a 2D adventure game with Zelda, Oracle of Seasons and the illustrations of Gareth Davis as its main references. Going from linear levels such as dungeons to more open spaces such as the city and the desert, the experience alternates between dialogues, fights, and puzzles.

We wanted to transmit a feeling of instrospection and exploration, making the player more and more eager to discover the world and his own origins. In order to move on in his quest, Arsès obtains new items such as a special vision and energy spheres and makes friends with the nomads, tribes somehow linked to the main city.

This project is full of nostalgia since it's the first game I lead over a four-month period. I had to set up a plan, motivate the rest of the team, solve relationship problems, while being on different fields. With Ostora, I discovered I still had a lot to learn about humans, which are in my opinion someting a lot of people overlook.

Other Team Members :

Simon Buty | Art Director

Noémie Meguerditchian | Artist

Manuela Dessarts | Lead Art

Charlotte Auger | Programmer

Nabil Khaldi | Writer

Tristan Ledieu | Sound Designer

Clément Méreau | Level Designer

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