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Vietnam Rush | 2017 (4 days)

Runner Minigame

Game Design | Art | Sound | Programming

Magicavoxel | Audacity | Unity

First solo project on Unity!

Themes: Vietnam | instant | fun

Pitch: You are a biker enjoying the paddy fields in the Land of the Blue Dragon. With your Honda Win, dodge the obstacles on the road to reach the sun.

Gameplay video: losing, then winning

My stay in Vietnam, right after my graduation from high school, is one of the most influential moments of my life. I had to understand a new culture, work for the first time, and understand myself... Here is a way to pay tribute to this amazing country.

This project brought me a lot of self-confidence. I realized I was able to transmit emotions to the player through gameplay but also through art.

Game assets, animation, lighting, colors, are aspects I hadn't seriously touched before. Even though they're not extraordinary, they already give some feeling.

If some day I've got time, I could polish Vietnam Rush, add feedback and sounds, and make the experience a little longer!

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