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Circuit | 2015 (5 days)


Focus: Level Design | Level Building

Trackmania²: Canyon Editor

Challenges: drifting while at high speed | endurance

Circuit designed and built as part of my portfolio for my entry at Supinfogame - Rubika, my Game Development school. It's a good overview of my level design skills back in 2015.

Perfect Run (almost...)

The level alternates between jumps, loopings, and turns the player is forced to take at high speed.


It was an interesting experience: for several days, I invited both trackmania and non-trackmania players to test several level parts. Once every level part was done, I had to attune them because some segments were too hard or used different signifiers leading the player to confusion.

Once I was sure the level was playable and challenging with roads only, I started decorating it while making sure those extra assets were not misguiding. A trackmania circuit generally lasts around 30 seconds, this level lasts 3 to 4 minutes on a perfect run so I had to make sure the landscape is visually rewarding to maintain the player's motivation!

Background song: Fred V - In My Head (VIP)

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