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Eye Hack Project | 2018 (stand by)

Platform & Stealth Game

Pitch: In 2196 in Antarctica, a cyborg wants to hack and replace the world controlling AI. In order to infiltrate the AI’s HQ, he must use his enemies’ vision...

Lead (13 people) | Level Design | UI/UX Design

AI concept art by Boris Dauvergne

We are aiming at a 10 minutes long vertical slice showing the beginning of the game. Our objective is to make a game consistent in all its aspects (universe, story, themes, level design, art, music, etc...) and a more professional use of Unity.

In terms of gameplay, our main references are Sly Cooper for platforming and Forbidden Siren, from which we got the mechanic of looking through people's eyes.

The team is composed of students from different schools and levels, it is why I put a lot of effort into management (applying a derivative of the Scrum Method) trying to be flexible.

Other Team Members :

Dylan Fitzpatrick | Lead Designer

Charlotte Auger | Lead Programmer

‎Alessandro Cheinisse | ‎Lead Level Designer

Nicolas Ceriani | Game Designer

Gary Boutry | Writer

Nathan Franco | Writer

Valentin Bourgogne | Writer

Corentin Becq | Lead Art

Thibault Magrit | 3D Artist

Boris Dauvergne | 3D Artist

Antoine Destailleurs | Concept Artist

Maxime Congy | UI Artist

Robot concept art by Thibault Magrit

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