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Deathmatch Map | 2018 (3 days)

Unreal Tournament 4

Focus: Level Design | Level Building

Unreal Tournament Editor 

Intentions: no verticality | competitive | unexpected

Level made for a free-for-all deathmatch mode for 4 players. Approaching this map was very delicate since verticality is one the main features of Unreal Tournament. 

Deathmatch gameplay

The map is split into 7 different areas: 3 corridors, 3 arenas and 1 larger gathering zone containing the double damage power-up.


Because I wanted to make the experience competitive and surprising, any area is connected to at least 2 others. The players can easily take advantage of the footbridges and the windows to outfox opponents during duels. Weapons, ammo, and ​health are also spread in order to guide the player and keep him moving.

Even though the level does not own floors because of the no verticality intention, lighting, colors, and differences in height are used to make the player feel he's moving from one area to another.

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